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Elite Couture Designs Presents : ECD Gold Luxury Bedroom Set!

May 6, 2010

Soft breeze of wind pours through the bedroom as you lay down caressing the rich gold and soft  creamy fabrics. A closer look will show u the fine details of the luxurious bedroom (the quilting in the covers, the beautiful texturing of the headboard, and the soft silk curtains hanging from the bed posts). This bed contains 1000+ high quality animations. Want to spend special intimate moments with your special someone?  Or spend a day alone feeling like a queen? Its all possible. Available now with a special discount price on or visit us inworld! As usual each piece can be bought separate or as a set.

Hunts @ Elite Couture Designs!

May 1, 2010

ECD is part of Ghostly Impressions Hunt and May Day Basket Hunt ! We are giving away elegant Chase lounger for Ghostly Impressions ! For those in the summer mood can pick up our Summer Love Gift from the May Day Basket hunt!
Ghostly Impressions hunt hint : guide your way towards the dark bedrooms of the gothic’s  and u shall find your treasure!
May Day Basket Hunt hint :  Look high and you shall find your luxury, Antoinette will guide your way.
Tp to store here.

Introducing The Iman Living Room!

April 28, 2010

ECD presents the Iman Living Room Set! This set is luxurious at the same time modern and classic. The Iman Set is 10 pieces(sofa,cuddle lounge, 2 end table,center table.lamp,plant,rug,2 vases) and is only 39 prims total! As usual items can be bought separately or as a set. Tp to store here!

Gift Time @ Elite Couture Designs!

April 23, 2010

ECD presents the wicker Set Gift for all our loyal costumers! This is a great summer set for your home, made with exclusive wicker texturing. The set includes 2 chairs, center table , and a plant. The Gift set is located on the second floor . Come pick up your gift inworld @ ECD main store ! tp to store here.

ECD Introduces Monaco Red!

April 21, 2010

Elite Couture Designs presents Monaco Red Living Room Set! This set is version 2 to the original Monaco set . It has its Mediterranean  style in color. The set is 9 pieces ( sofa , 2 chairs,  2 end tables , center table, 2 indoor plants, and rug) and just 69 prims! As usual all seating is multi animated and items may be bought separately or as a set . Tp to store here!

New @ Elite Couture Designs : Monaco Living Room Set!

April 20, 2010

Elite Couture Designs Presents the Monaco Living Room Set. This is our Mediterranean style living room set, it comes with great texturing and a comfort look to make you feel like a queen! This set is 13 pieces (sofa, 2 chairs, 2 side tables, center piece, rug, 2 indoor plants, 2 candle stands, 2 vases) and a total of 91 prims. Items may be bought separately or as a set. Tp to store here.

New @ Elite Couture Designs : Oahu An Living Room Set!

April 18, 2010

ECD presents Oahu An Living Room set! This is one of my favorite sets  of the season, it brings an feeling of tropical paradise and summer. This set is 9 pieces (sofa , cuddle lounge , chair, center table, rug, 2 plants, art, candles) and 50 prims . All seating is multi animated with the highest quality animations. As usual each piece can be bought separate or as a set. Tp to store here.